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        +Enter Our Competence

        We are a reliable full ra

        Our core team has over twelve years’ experience in spring design and manufacturing, we are serving about 4000 industrial clients in China and overall the world, also we are ODM subcontractor for several distinguished international spring brands in Europe and US.

        +Enter Clients’ industries
        • Electronics
        • Medical and Health
        • Automobile
        • Foods and pharmaceuticals
        • Instrument
        • Hydraulics and pneumatics
        • Machineries
        • Pumps
        • Offshore
        • Telecom
        • Railway
        • Environment protection
        • Greening, Agriculture
        • Water treatment
        • Testing and measurement
        • Chemical and dyeing
        • Emergency Equipment
        • Switches and electricity
        • Packing
        • Household appliances
        • lights
        • Aerospace and airplane
        +Enter Custom Springs

        Besides over 100,000 catalog spring on shelves which can be delivered in 24 hours, our engineering team can design and customize the tailored spring for you.
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